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Latinas Empowering Latinas
Madrinas is a unique organization dedicated to the leadership development and advancement of Latina professionals. We are committed to celebrating our rich Latino culture. Through the organization we provide mentorship, role models, and we leverage our knowledge and experience to help shape the future of the growing pool of talented professional, Latina women.  

Our members are supported through skill-building programs, networking, and mentoring opportunities, in person and virtual forums. Our distinguished “Conversation with Experts" are monthly programs that feature a variety of expert presenters who address key issues, trends, and topics impacting Latinas in the workplace and at home.  

We welcome all who want to share and can benefit from this.
Madrinas - the organization that best understands and supports the leadership aspiration and career advancement needs of Corporate Latina Leaders.
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Join Us on August 21st at 1:00 p.m. EDT for a Special Conversation with 
Victoria Lopez Negrete on:
“The Art and Gift of Mentoring”

Join us for a lively and thoughtful discussion on, “The Art and Gift of Mentoring,” hosted by Victoria Lopez Negrete, a senior leader in global Fortune 500 business environments with a consistent record of leading P&L's, enhancing service levels, improving workflow processes, creating innovative marketing initiatives and building profitable, sustainable customer partnerships to accelerate revenue growth. She led negotiations at Western Union to provide access to banks and financial service providers in Canada and was a key player in acquisition/integration of bank for Citibank; developed strategic growth plans at Western Union and Citigroup; transformed sales cultures, and gained global intelligence by driving top line and EBITDA in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Victoria has successfully leveraged mentoring as a strategy for success throughout her corporate ascent.  [Please read Victoria's full bio here.]

Victoria will dispel myths and share important facts about mentoring, provide you with the “essentials” for creating a strong and effective mentoring strategy, and help you with proper “mentoring etiquette”—how to approach a prospective mentor, how to diplomatically say “no” to a mentee and how to tactfully keep a mentoring relationship vibrant without taking too much time from your mentor. As pre-reading for this session, Victoria asks that everyone read the following article from Forbes Magazine:

  Can Women Succeed Without a Mentor?

Thursday, August 21
1:00 p.m. Eastern

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