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Latinas Empowering Latinas
Madrinas is a unique organization dedicated to the leadership development and advancement of Latina professionals. We are committed to celebrating our rich Latino culture. Through the organization we provide mentorship, role models, and we leverage our knowledge and experience to help shape the future of the growing pool of talented professional, Latina women.  

Our members are supported through skill-building programs, networking, and mentoring opportunities, in person and virtual forums. Our distinguished “Conversation with Experts" are monthly programs that feature a variety of expert presenters who address key issues, trends, and topics impacting Latinas in the workplace and at home.  

We welcome all who want to share and can benefit from this.
Madrinas - the organization that best understands and supports the leadership aspiration and career advancement needs of Corporate Latina Leaders.

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Announcing Madrinas’ Coaching Corner!

Madrinas wants to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive and whole person.

We are excited to offer Madrinas members an added benefit, the Madrinas Coaching Corner. The Madrinas Coaching Corner is a program whereby Madrinas members have access to certified and experienced coaches to accelerate their development. In the coaching process, you have the opportunity to:

Our vetted coaches act as independent contractors from Madrinas and any contact with a coach is an entirely private transaction between the member and the coach.  Additionally, any coaching fees are settled by the member and their selected coach.

Coaching Corner Coaches.

Download the Coaching Corner information sheet here.
"Charla sobre un Cafe"
"Conversation over coffee" with Madrinas new President

Come take a virtual coffee break with Madrina's new President, Maria Hernandez. As announced last month, Maria is one of the founders of Madrinas and is back to lead the organization as its President. She wants to hear from you! How can Madrinas serve you as a rising corporate Latina leader. Bring your Cafecito and your thoughts on the following:

  • What programs, speakers, resources can we feature to assist in your success?
  • What other Latina audiences should we be reaching out to (e.g. university students, entrepreneurs, etc)?  
  • How has Madrinas helped you and where do you see it helping you in the future?

Thursday, July 28
1:00 p.m. Eastern
Conference Line: 641.715.3655 Access Code​ 404001#